Prelude No. 2 by Gershwin, George

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    • Prelude No. 2 arr. by David Schorr is available as part of the Bassoon Archive
    • The complete set of preludes arr. by Keith Ward is available at TrevCo
  • Audio: YouTube (The arrangement on the recording is by Keith Ward)


I love it when I find a good bassoon adaptation of a favorite piano piece. Gershwin’s Prelude No. 2 is one of these. I have been using the arrangement from the Bassoon Archive for a number of years now. It is not difficult and can be a great choice for a student who loves jazz. As I was putting this review together, I found that TrevCo has also published a set of all three of Gershwin’s preludes (arr. by Keith Ward). There is a recording of this version on YouTube (see above). Both versions are good and I highly recommend introducing your students to these masterful preludes, especially if they aren’t pianists and may not encounter them otherwise.

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