Selling Reeds to Students

Would you benefit from selling your own hand-made reeds to your students? How much should you charge? Is it worth it? There have been times in my teaching career where it has been a wonderfully convenient thing–and then other times when it has caused me way more stress than I bargained for. Learn from my […]

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Plastic Reeds

My first bassoon teacher used plastic reeds. They were thin and produced a weak sound, but I didn’t know any better. They were cheaper and easier to play on than cane reeds, so I played on┬áthem for a couple of years. Then I switched teachers. Whoa. I quickly learned that plastic reeds were the worst […]

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Basic Marketing for Bassoon Teachers

Do you have as many private students as you would like? When I started this blog in 2015, I did not have enough students. (Perhaps that’s why I thought I had time to start a blog.) I soon found myself with more students than I could handle. A waiting list is a beautiful thing. The […]

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