Do I Need a Business Bank Account?

A guest post by accountant, bassoonist, and piano teacher, Tairsa Mathews To make your accountant VERY happy and your life easier at tax season, I would highly recommend having a bank account that is 100% for your business. You can have an actual business account and write checks from your business name if you choose […]

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Business Write-offs

A guest post by accountant, bassoonist, and piano teacher, Tairsa Mathews This is my favorite topic! When you buy things for your business, you get to write them off!!  This means every time you purchase music, every time you service your instrument, when you buy rewards/prizes for your students, etc., you can write them off […]

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Free Studio Calendar Template

Have you created your studio calendar for the 2016–2017 school year? I made mine using Diane Hidy’s very useful template. You can find the template here. This is the studio calendar I made in about 20 minutes using her template. It is easy to use, gets all the dates right, and it’s free.  The version […]

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Students who don’t practice

Students who don’t practice can be very frustrating for a teacher. I feel that there are two equally appropriate ways to approach these students: Drop them Embrace what they do bring to each lesson Dropping Students There are many reasons to drop a student. This post isn’t about dropping a student for failure to pay or […]

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How to Write a Studio Policy

A studio policy is essential. It sets expectations for both you and your students. It acts as an authority you can reference when conflict arises between you and a student/parent. It can protect you in certain legal matters. And most importantly, it helps you the teacher decide how you really want your studio to run. […]

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Bartering and the Bassoon Teacher

Bartering is a common and accepted way for you to receive compensation for teaching lessons. It’s so mainstream that even the IRS provides a space for you to report bartering transactions on your taxes. So how do you know if a bartering arrangement is right for you? Figure out what your needs really are Don’t […]

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