GoBassoon Reed Review

When I received my package from GoBassoon in the mail, I was very impressed by the presentation of my new GoBassoon reeds. The graphic design and branding of these reeds is second to none. They came in this handy tin (that can also double as a terrific reed case once a few holes are drilled […]

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Playing High Eb, E and F

Have you ever wished that you could get some special high note fingerings from one of the world’s great bassoonists? Thanks to William Short of the Metropolitan Opera, now you can. His blog post The Stratosphere¬†provides fingerings he learned from Bernard Garfield. You’ll have to link to his blog for the actual fingering diagrams, but […]

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Teaching Bassoon Embouchure

A correct bassoon embouchure is not something that students figure out on their own. While there are multiple acceptable embouchures (dependent upon teacher, country, reed style, bassoon setup, etc.), the embouchure most beginning bassoonists default to is incorrect. A thin, wide, lips around teeth, biting embouchure is never appropriate. I guarantee that you will have […]

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