Method Books for Bassoon

Are you a new teacher wondering where to begin? Or perhaps you have a current student who is not progressing. Placing your student in the right method book can revolutionize your teaching experience. It took me a few years to understand that not every student must begin with Weissenborn. In this post I will highlight the […]

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eCards with Custom Audio Tracks

In lieu of a Christmas recital, my studio sends out personalized eCards to friends and family. Check out our 2015 studio card. The music is a quartet arrangement of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (actually, all the parts were read straight off of a piano part–easiest arrangement I’ve ever done.) The card will open in a […]

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Lesson Attendance Sheet & Payment Tracker

How good are you at keeping track of your students’ tuition payments? How about their attendance? I haven’t always been good at keeping track of tuition payments and attendance. I always think that I’ll be able to remember if I’ve been paid or not—and then I never can. I ended up teaching more than my […]

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Free Studio Calendar Template

Have you created your studio calendar for the 2016–2017 school year? I made mine using Diane Hidy’s very useful template. You can find the template here. This is the studio calendar I made in about 20 minutes using her template. It is easy to use, gets all the dates right, and it’s free.  The version […]

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Virtual Recitals on YouTube

What do you do when your students have a conflict with a scheduled studio recital? I usually have one or two students in this boat, but this year it happened to over half of my bassoonists! All of my high school students qualified for the Utah State Solo/Ensemble Festival—and the festival just happened to coincide […]

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How to Plan a Recital

Recitals are a lot of work, I admit. But they are necessary if we hope to train future performers. A violinist friend of mine has written a very helpful post about planning a recital. Check out her website for the full rundown and even a free downloadable recital planning checklist. Her post covers finding a venue, hiring […]

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Free Intro to Music Theory Course at

Update: Since this post was first written, some of the course offerings have changed. The course described below is still available for free, but you may want to use another platform, such as edX. See this page for the most updated listings. I absolutely love the music theory and history courses offered by The Berklee School […]

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Kristen Wolfe Jensen and her team have done the bassoon world a HUGE service by creating the website The website serves as a beginning to intermediate level bassoon course, perfect for use by band directors with their students as well as students studying with traditional bassoon teachers. I once used this website with a student […]

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Bassoon Lesson Assignment Sheet – FREE DOWNLOAD

I use a printed assignment sheet with my students. I fill a new one out at each lesson and have the students save the old ones in a binder at home. It serves as a great reference for fingerings, exercises, and pieces they’ve worked on and/or performed. I used to write down weekly assignments in […]

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