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Online Lesson Scheduling Tools

How do you handle lesson scheduling? I was getting tired of phone and email tag, so I enlisted the internet to help me out. I’m coming to the close of my fourth summer using the website www.youcanbook.me for scheduling. It has been amazing! This isn’t a sponsored post or anything—it just worked well. Here are […]

how to teach tenor clef

How to Teach Tenor Clef

I remember learning tenor clef. My bassoon teacher told me I needed to learn it, but didn’t tell me how. I went to the music store and asked for tenor clef flash cards. They didn’t exist (this was pre-internet, of course). After a few months of hard slog, I finally had it figured out. I […]


Basic Reed Adjusting Kit

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your students (or yourself) equipped to adjust reeds. This is not a post on how to adjust reeds, rather it’s a list of the specific things to collect so the adjustments can happen. The following is a list of the materials I recommend and […]

how to teach breathing and support

Breathing & Support

Teaching students to breathe properly is difficult. Teaching them to support is even more difficult. An approach that works for some students won’t work for others. I’ve collected advice from around the web (and the library) to help you as you teach your students proper breathing/support techniques. All students struggle to understand what the diaphragm […]

method books for bassoon

Method Books for Bassoon

Are you a new teacher wondering where to begin? Or perhaps you have a current student who is not progressing. Placing your student in the right method book can revolutionize your teaching experience. It took me a few years to understand that not every student must begin with Weissenborn. In this post I will highlight the […]

Forrests Gold Label Contrabassoon Reed Review

Forrests Contrabassoon Reed Review

My goal with these reeds reviews is to describe the reeds I feature as thoroughly as possible so that you, a bassoonist with a different instrument, elevation, embouchure, etc., can decide if these reeds are right for you. I tested this Forrests Gold Label contrabassoon reed on January 25, 2016 in Rexburg, Idaho (elevation 4,865 ft). The […]


Plastic Reeds

My first bassoon teacher used plastic reeds. They were thin and produced a weak sound, but I didn’t know any better. They were cheaper and easier to play on than cane reeds, so I played on them for a couple of years. Then I switched teachers. Whoa. I quickly learned that plastic reeds were the worst […]

Basic Marketing for Bassoon Teachers - how to grow your studio

Basic Marketing for Bassoon Teachers

Do you have as many private students as you would like? When I started this blog in 2015, I did not have enough students. (Perhaps that’s why I thought I had time to start a blog.) I soon found myself with more students than I could handle. A waiting list is a beautiful thing. The […]

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Make Free Audio eCards

eCards with Custom Audio Tracks

In lieu of a Christmas recital, my studio sends out personalized eCards to friends and family. Check out our 2015 studio card. The music is a quartet arrangement of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (actually, all the parts were read straight off of a piano part–easiest arrangement I’ve ever done.) The card will open in a […]

Easy Christmas Solos

Easy Christmas Solos

If you are looking for easy Christmas music for a student, look no further. Here are some resources that will get your kids practicing! Who can resist playing Christmas music? First Year Players For my new beginners, I use easy piano music. Piano music at this level has teacher duet parts that work just as […]


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