Highlighter Tape – My New Favorite Office Supply

Over the past year I attended a few masterclasses that focused on teaching students how to practice. Most of the techniques I learned involved writing on, highlighting, and basically destroying the student’s music. I saw teachers using everything from sharpies to erasable highlighters. I myself used the erasable highlighters for a year, but now I have found something so much better.

My new favorite thing - Highlighter TapeRemovable highlighter tape is my new favorite teaching tool. The tape is 1/2 inch wide and comes in six colors (yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and purple). It’s perfect for marking bassoon music. Use it anywhere you would use a highlighter or sticky tabs. I use it with students, use it in my own practice, and use it when marking cuts in opera parts.

It is available from Amazon, but I like to order it from mypilotstore.com. You can get four rolls for $10.50 + $3.95 shipping. Shipping is fast (ships from Arizona).

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